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Attractions Recreation for the whole family

Attractions available in Dworzysko

Discover our recreational activities while relaxing in Dworzysko

Mini golf

A nine-hole mini-golf course was built right next to the charming Swiss Café. Golf in Szczawno Zdrój was already present several dozen years ago, which is why the creation of mini-golf is also sentimental and refers to the times from the beginning of the 20th century.
The game itself is an interesting time diversion for both children and adults who want to talk about important issues of this world, while playing a game to the accompaniment of a bird concert that sounds beautifully around.
The field is available all week from 06:00 to 22:00. It is also possible to play the game after dark, thanks to the lighting of the entire field.
The cost of the game is PLN 30 for 90 minutes for 1 person.

Culinary workshops

In the Babinicz restaurant, our guests can not only eat, but can themselves under the watchful eye of the chef, prepare a gourmet meal for themselves and their companions. For such occasions, we have a specially equipped training room, where together with the chef you can try your hand at preparing exceptional dishes and learn the secrets of the culinary art. Culinary workshops at the Babinicz restaurant in Dworzysko are a unique proposition for all cooking fans, both advanced and beginners. Under the watchful eye of the chef, you can prepare unusual dishes yourself and learn a bit about their history and methods of serving.

What is included in the offer:

  • at least 4 hours of themed workshops during which you will learn how to prepare many different dishes (topics can be determined before the workshop) 
  • professional care of a chef experienced in a given topic 
  • glass of wine and drinks during hard work 
  • a separate room where you can sample your own dishes 
  • certificate confirming participation in workshops in the Babinicz restaurant, which has 2 Gault & Millau caps making it one of the 100 best restaurants in Poland

Culinary workshops are above all great fun, as well as an ideal proposition for a special party for friends and family or colleagues, such as birthdays, hen parties or corporate integration events. We offer several ready-made variants that you can use, but we will also be happy to adapt the workshop formula to your expectations.

We also organize cooking workshops for children, which are a great way to familiarize the youngest with the culinary art and show that cooking does not have to be boring, and can be an interesting adventure and give a lot of satisfaction. And you know that homemade dishes taste the best. 

If you are interested in participating in culinary workshops in Dworzysko, please contact us via the contact form or by phone. You can also get more information directly at the restaurant. 


Garden There is a mysterious place in our complex - a vegetable and fruit garden from which we draw fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. Then they go to our guests' plates. From them, in the Babinicz restaurant, interesting, tasty, unique in taste dishes and preparations from our Dworzyskowo’s pantry are made.


Pantry To extend the memory of your stay in Dworzysko, you can take products from the Dworzysko’s pantry with you. Prepared products, jams, honey, syrups, top quality meat, cold cuts and cheese are available. 


Adults and children can spend an active day in Dworzysko. One of our attractions is the outdoors chessboard, where you can play more than one exciting game. It is located right next to the Swiss café, thanks to which even during the most fierce gameplay you will be able to relax with a tasty dessert or a cool, refreshing lemonade. 

Bicycle Rental

We offer bicycle rental for people looking for an active holiday. There are many interesting bicycle routes around. For small children we have prepared a bicycle with a saddle or a pram attached behind the bicycle.

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