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Culinary Offers Rozwój, integracja i niezapomniane doświadczenia kulinarne!

Can you come to the restaurant not only to eat but also to cook? It is possible with us!

We have a specially equipped training room where, together with the chef, you can try your hand at preparing exceptional dishes and learn the secrets of the culinary art. Culinary Workshop in Dworzysko is a unique proposition for all cooking fans, both advanced and beginners. Under the watchful eye of the chef, you can prepare gourmet dishes yourself and learn a bit about their history and methods of serving.

Culinary Workshops are above all great fun, as well as an ideal proposition for an unusual meeting for friends and family. Companies often organize corporate events at the training table for employees. Culinary workshops are also a great idea to spend a birthday, bachelorette party or a company integration event. We have several ready-made variants that you can use, but we are also happy to adapt the workshop formula to your needs and expectations. We also organize cooking workshops for children, which are a great way to familiarize the youngest with the culinary art and show that cooking does not have to be boring, and can be an interesting, developing adventure and give a lot of satisfaction. And has been known for a long time that the home-made dishes taste the best.


Eating without using the eyes sharpens the senses of smell, taste and touch. Try a surprisingly good tasting menu in total darkness and feel the difference in the culinary experience. Dinner in the dark is great fun and a fantastic experience that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the tasting menu in a whole new dimension. In the extraordinary atmosphere of total darkness, you can feel how the perception of the taste of the meal changes when the eyesight is "turned off."

We invite groups of friends and family to this extraordinary and interesting event. Please note that prior reservation is required. Special events We wait for guests every day, but there are days when we would particularly like to accompany you. These are days when special occasions take place - birthdays, baptisms, engagements ... Creating Dworzysko, we dreamed that it would be the perfect setting for such events.

We have three restaurant rooms of different sizes that allow you to organize small or large events. We organize celebrations with family, friends and acquaintances in the restaurant, at the grill or according to the wishes of guests in an elegant white tent surrounded by greenery. We have a prepared and perfectly composed menu especially for special occasions, but we are happy to adapt to your expectations and together we will determine which dishes you would like the most. It is impossible to list all the occasions on which we invite you to Dworzysko. We are open to the needs and ideas of guests - we will try with all our heart to make your dreams come true. BBQ FEAST Having fun by the grill or bonfire is one of the most pleasant ways to spend a free evening.

We invite you to arrange a barbecue feast in Dworzysko, with excellent grilled delicacies, local and Czech beers and a beautiful panorama of the Chełmiec Foothills. We offer our guests a roof shelter with benches and tables. Barbecue Feast is a fantastic form of casual event for groups of up to 30 people. We provide excellent grilled delicacies, sound system and professional service.

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